Welcome To Your Journey

As a team member at Denver Art Museum, you're one of our most important assets. That's why we are excited to share with you our new employee care program... DAMCares!


Achieve Your Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations


Overcome Roadblocks

We can help you overcome life's roadblocks that are holding you back from making progress.


Pursue Your Dreams

We can help free you up to finally be in a position to pursue your hopes, dreams and aspirations.


Make An Impact

We can help you be in a position that you can find maximum impact in your personal life and at work.

Simple Technology

Designed to Help You Thrive

Stabilize Cash Flow

Save for Emergencies

Eliminate Your Debt

Save for the Future

Make an Impact

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Income Advance is a simple, convenient line of credit that helps you bridge cash flow in between paychecks.  It helps you with emergencies, cash flow, building credit and starting to save.

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Income Advance

Guarenteed Line of Credit

Get $2000 Immediately

Easy Payments from Payroll

Cover Emergency Expenses

Start Building Your Credit

Emergency Savings Account

Savings Goal of $2000

Easy, Automated Payroll Deduction

Earn a match on money saved

Cover emergency expenses

businessman saving money concept. hand holding coins putting in jug glass

The Emergency Savings Account is a simple way to save for emergencies with the help of the company.  It helps you pay cash for emergencies, eliminate the need for Income Advance, improve cash flow and start eliminating debt.

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The Debt Elimination Account is a simple way to eliminate, once and for all your high interest consumer debt.

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Debt Elimination Account

Eliminate All Consumer Debt

Easy, Automated Payments from Payroll

Low Interest Rates

Credit Cards

Student Loans

Auto Loans

Long Term Savings

3 - 6 Months of Expenses

College Savings

Retirement Savings (401k)

Paying off Mortgage


A Long Term Savings account is the perfect way to automate savings so that you can prepare for the future.   This includes, 3 - 6 months of expenses, college tuition or retirement.

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Impact Accounts are a simple way to make a real and lasting impact in the lives of your co-workers and your community.

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Impact Account

Choose the Cause You Care About

Receive a "Giving Match"

Meet the Needs of the Community

Maximize Your Impact

Income Advance in Action


"The Freezer Geezer" / Rhino Foods Income Advance Program


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Income Advance in Action


Justin's Experience with Income Advance


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There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain

We can't wait to help you take the next steps in your Journey and be on your way to accomplishing your Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations.

What's stopping you? Let's get started!