General FAQ's

A:  Yes, your significant other is welcome to be added as a joint to your account and participate in the program.  We will require a signature on the account contract.  If they wish to have a portion of their paycheck deposited into the account, they will follow the direct deposit instructions for their company.

Income Advance

A: Simply use your Emergency Access Card at any merchant or ATM to access available funds from your Income Advance Line of Credit.

Emergency Savings Account

A: Our research shows that in order to begin your journey and to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, you should have an emergency savings with $2,000.  The minimum deposit of $50 per pay cycle or $100 per month will get you to step 2 in the journey in less than two years.  You may contribute more than the minimum each month if you wish to do so.

Debt Elimination Account

A: Yes, you are eligible for the debt elimination loan by simply enrolling in the Employee Care program.  You do not need to have your emergency savings account funded at the $2,000.  The goal with the debt elimination is to be able to consolidate your payments into one, reduce your interest rate, and free up your cash flow to be able to help fund your emergency savings account.

Student Loan Benefit Program

Long Term Savings Account

A: Yes, your payroll allocations will be moved into your Long-Term Savings within 1-2 pay periods of hitting your Emergency Savings goal.

Impact Account

A:  Yes, you can contribute at any point in time of the program to your impact account giving back to your community.